Ryalto joins forces with Rotageek

Ryalto in partnership with Rotageek

Comms cracked; now far better scheduling tracked

At Ryalto we’re on a mission to continually perfect secure, monitored, and confidential communications between management and colleagues in the healthcare and care-based professions with our dedicated workforce engagement App. This in turn enhances the working lives of devoted employees in those vital sectors.

We believe, as does our expanding client base, we’re transforming workforce communications. But there’s always room for improvement, and a key area we’ve been hearing much about is staff scheduling. Everyone in care and healthcare performs a vital role; from a cleaner in a care home, to clinicians.

Communications is what we do, and rather than spread ourselves thinly by taking on scheduling software development, instead, we’ve joined forces with Rotageek, who are already well ahead of the curve in developing a world-class scheduling tool, which seamlessly integrates into our App.

Enterprise HR tech is nothing new, unfortunately neither is compromising on user-experience of said tech, which may seem to tick many boxes, particularly cost, but poor functionality holds the organisation back from flourishing.

In our partnership with Rotageek, we now provide deep expertise with a highly functional, cost-effective HR tech solution and API connectivity, offering simple, fast, and best-in-class interoperability.

‘That’ll do’ accompanied by glitches will not suffice, and neither should it. The unification of Rotageek and Ryalto offers the ultimate in communications and scheduling combined in one platform.

This combination of secure communication and pinpoint scheduling in one App is very sensibly priced, especially when compared to enterprise software that can be so costly, despite all the compromises in quality.

Working life becomes more manageable, and when productivity and efficiency improve, so does profitability.

If you need your organisation to communicate securely and efficiently and schedule effortlessly, we think you need to communicate with us.

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