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Live across 72 NHS trusts and over 40 private hospitals with 100,000 users, Ryalto is the leading mobile app for healthcare organisations to:

  • Build, manage and deploy their own in-house Staff Bank, avoiding costly recruitment agency fees whilst utilising the most committed and high-quality, flexible workers.
  • Display live news and the latest protocols for all staff regarding a specific location/facility and the wider healthcare organisation.
  • Push instant alerts to all or a segment of staff and receive instant feedback.
  • Provide a safe and secure communication and messenger app for all staff – all of the benefits of WhatsApp and none of the risks.
  • Measure and report on success whilst informing strategy with data via the included analytics reports.
  • Connect staff to other in-house systems via their own mobile phone and Ryalto’s APIs.

Live News for all Staff

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Before Ryalto:

  • Important emails are lost in a sea of content
  • Communications teams are overstretched
  • Multiple channels can confuse and sometimes overwhelm
  • Difficulty in engaging a large and fragmented workforce.

With Ryalto:

  • Tailored for your organisation or specific facility 
  • Instantly available news and protocols on a smartphone – one version of the truth
  • Content is centrally controlled
  • Access is fast.

Communicate and Connect

Before Ryalto:

  • Use of multiple platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Staff may only contact colleagues who they have met and collected their contact details from
  • All too easy to send messages and attachments in error to social contacts, potentially causing catastrophic data errors.

With Ryalto:

  • All the benefits of WhatsApp but none of the risks
  • Search, call or message all colleagues via the preloaded directory
  • Chat groups are set up professionally, with central control where necessary. Individuals removed automatically from groups, avoiding data and info sharing with inappropriate parties
  • Anything shared is in a controlled environment and auditable
  • Users do not share any personal details, including their own mobile number.
iPhone showing a conversation between two members of staff in the Ryalto app

Crisis and Push Notifications

iPhone showing Ryalto app notifications

Before Ryalto:

  • Multiple platforms cause confusion over conflicting or out-of-date guidance
  • Volume of data leads to important information being overlooked
  • Low hit-rate of time-sensitive information
  • Urgent shifts or specific shift requirements (e.g. during the peak weeks of Covid-19) are communicated in multiple ways, with data stored in multiple systems and often with delays.

With Ryalto:

  • Time critical information reaches your staff in seconds, on their smartphone, without having to open the app
  • Target information to specific wards / departments / bands / groups
  • Everybody updated in real time
  • Alert members immediately with urgent or evolving shift booking requirements.

Collect Feedback and Ideas for Improvement

Before Ryalto:

  • Staff surveys can be sporadic and not joined up
  • Fixed questions that fail to elicit the right information
  • Shared inboxes for feedback become full and review and collation of ideas is disorganised and less useful
  • Hard to act on information quickly and recognise trends.

With Ryalto:

  • Introduce regular, customised, pulse checks throughout the year
  • Customise the key questions that will help inform your organisation and drive engagement
  • Feedback and ideas are fast, straightforward and instantly reportable.
Screenshot of survey on Ryalto app

Build, Manage and Deploy your Staff Banks

Screenshot of shift calendar on Ryalto app

Before Ryalto:

  • Legacy bank booking systems – many banks are managed on spreadsheets and paper
  • Banks of staff are difficult to contact and engage with
  • Agencies are overused, with financial & quality consequences.

With Ryalto:

  • Shifts can be targeted to staff based on their role and competencies
  • Bank staff have a better experience, feel more engaged, have more control and therefore book more shifts, more often
  • Substantive staff book more bank shifts as visibility, control and ease of booking is increased
  • Fill rate increases and agency spend reduced
  • Provides the app-based experience most people expect
  • Can be connected to your roster / rota system via pre-built APIs.

Powerful Data and Insights that Inform your Strategy

Before Ryalto:

  • No means of knowing who read what or when
  • Use of communication channels is completely immeasurable
  • Use of Bank Staff vs Substantive and Agency is measured by hand, is time consuming and likely inaccurate.

With Ryalto:

  • Every action is recorded and is therefore reportable
  • Use data to measure success and inform strategy.
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You will not find better value in the market for a robust, secure and scalable mobile application with these features. It’s best to get in touch to discuss the right options and price for your organisation, taking into account your size and objectives. It may even be the case that the features that come with our zero cost ‘freemium’ product suit your needs in the first instance.

Prices for uncapped use of the feature-rich Ryalto app start at £1 per person, per month for Communications, Engagement and Feedback. For anyone that uses the Bank Shift booking, another £1 per month applies. All fees are covered by the end customer organisation and not the users/workers themselves.

Contact us to understand how the pricing will work for you and how we can help you build a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator.

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