General Questions

What is Ryalto?

Ryalto is a communication and shift scheduling platform for clinical professionals. It enables clinical professionals to take control of their schedules, usage of preferences and competencies means shifts are only offered when relevant.

Is Ryalto an agency?

Ryalto is not an agency, Ryalto is a platform that allows direct contact and operates with transparency for healthcare professionals.

How does Ryalto work?

Ryalto works with select heatlhcare organisations to allow staff and healthcare professionals to schedule overtime shifts efficiently with 100% transparency. Search for open shifts available at the healthcare organisation, see open shifts to apply for, completed shifts for record keeping and all accepted / declined offers in one place. Communication between staff and clinical professionals enables a secure and credible platform to communicate in confidence.

Is Ryalto only available in the UK

Ryalto is concentrating on the UK market to begin with to make sure we get the product right for our users, however if you are interested in an international version please get in touch.

Is Ryalto only available for nursing professionals?

Ryalto is focusing on the nursing profession to begin with to make sure we have the product that helps nursing staff manage their career.

How does Ryalto make money?

Ryalto is focussed on user growth and engagement and using this phase as a learning curve for our product to make sure we have the right product for our users.

Is Ryalto available on Android?

All features available on iOS will also be available on Android.

Will Ryalto be available on the web?

We believe the phone app is key to being useful, however we would love to hear your thoughts on possible web based solutions we could build

Can Ryalto be integrated with scheduling systems?

We integrate with some select scheduling systems that allow us to leverage the full power of Ryalto by using currently available scheduling and enhancing this, get in touch and we can assist further.

Is my Ryalto data safe?

Ryalto uses SSL encryption for data being sent and received across the internet, all personally identifiable information is also encrypted on the servers, along with active monitoring of our servers for malicious actors. We treat data security very seriously.

What information is visible to users on my profile?

We allow users to see what skills and competencies you have along with your preferences to make sure you only get offered relevant shifts, we do not allow anyone to see your email address/phone number. This allows us to keep your data private and calls placed will go through the App similar to a Viber/Skype call.

Where can I use Ryalto?

Ryalto is available in the UK/EU and USA.

When will users be able to find my profile?

Make sure your profile is completed; there is a helper bar in the app that will help you progress the completion of your profile. Once this is completed your profile will require verification based on the details entered and checked against the national registers and employer databases, upon verification your profile will be visible to scheduling staff in the Healthcare Organisation

Which Healthcare Organisations use Ryalto today?

Ryalto is operating with several selected Healthcare Organisations to refine the product offering it is also available to users who currently are not employed with those Organisations.

Technical Questions

Which devices can run Ryalto?

Ryalto supports iOS devices running iOS 9 or above, it is optimised for iPhone 6/7/8 displays but will work from iPhone 4S to iPhone X and by using scaling on iPad devices also. Ryalto also supports Android 4.1 and above.

Can I turn off notifications?

The settings tab inside the app allows users to control what kind of notifications they wish to receive, this currently only supports the medium on which the notification will be received, these can be re-enabled whenever the user wishes. We would encourage you to turn notifications on so you never miss a conversation or open shift.

Where is my data stored?

Ryalto stores data on our servers in Frankfurt, Germany as data protection laws are the highest in Europe, these are fully EU/US data compliant.

How can I remove my Ryalto account?

The app allows a user to remove their account from the system or also hibernate if they wish to keep their data safe for a later date. Alternatively we are happy to completely delete your account for you if you prefer. Please email us at support@ryaltoapp.com and we will run through security and make sure you are completely deleted from our systems.