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Most healthcare professionals are rarely sitting at a desk or in any one place for very long, which is why it’s so important to transform communication in the workplace.

Since before the pandemic, Ryalto have helped healthcare staff manage a frantic and constantly changing work day in the ever-busy hospital environments. With flexible scheduling, organisational updates, secure messaging and more in an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform, Ryalto has changed the way staff schedule shifts and communicate in the workplace for the better.

In an interview with On the Rise – a series presented by Fresh Business Thinking to showcase exciting Entrepreneurs – Ryalto CEO, Jon Bennett, commented:

“If we think about healthcare workers, they don’t operate like the typical UK workforce. They are very, very rarely on a computer. They might have to type something up quickly, or they might be asked to do some administrative or HR tasks, but it’s often squeezed into their very precious downtime.”

As the majority of healthcare workers are constantly on the move, they’re left with limited access to tools that many other workplaces can benefit from regularly. These include collaboration tools, newsfeeds, a centre for organisational updates, and a hub for reaching, and connecting with, colleagues.

“To put it very crudely, you could say we’re a bit like Uber, but for nurses,” Jon says. “Everyone’s got a mobile device in their pocket these days. Why don’t we take all of that stuff that we enjoyed on our laptops and our desktops and put it in the pocket of the user? They get the chance to collaborate, message each other and book shifts. We can take some wellness support and we can even pop a little chat bot in there to give them 24-hour support around things relating to their work.”

One of Ryalto’s most important features is its secure platform for information and communication. Other third party apps owned and operated by large corporations often risk a breach in confidentiality with unknown background settings and data collection. Ryalto seeks to provide a safe and secure environment for organisations to thrive and connect, without the fear of data breaches, taking the risks out of communication in healthcare.

For more on Ryalto’s ambitions, watch the video below:

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