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Engage effortlessly with your workforce on the front-line. Connect your people to everything they need for their jobs in one safe, secure, mobile app. Empower your people with extra shifts, critical information on newsfeeds, surveys and so much more in one powerful platform built for evolution in the workplace.

Join the healthcare and care companies enjoying better standards of care, improved retention and reduced risk.

Designed to look and feel like a social media tool, Ryalto is the all-in-one communications, employee engagement and shift-booking platform loved by workers. On the app stores, Ryalto scores 4.6/5 from over 700 user reviews.

93% ribbon stat

More likely that your process update will be read on Ryalto compared to an all staff email.

19% ribbon stat

Uplift in workforce engagement scores after one year with Ryalto.

50% ribbon stat

Reduction in agency worker use within 12 months of using the Ryalto Bank Shift module.

Ryalto partners with leading healthcare and care providers, including NHS trusts, premier private hospitals, and many more…

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